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The New Shop is Open!

Hi Everyone! It is my pleasure to announce the Shop is open! There are currently 10 different formats listed in the Nintendo and Sega categories and more formats on the way including PlayStation, Xbox and Atari. If you can’t find the game you’re looking for please send an email and I’ll get back to you. Enjoy!

Refer your Friends and earn Bonus Coins!

Invite your friends and help build Populous by sending them the referral link within your profile. If your friend(s) follow the link you will receive 100 Coins and if they become a Member you will receive a further 500 Coins. You can be rewarded this 10 times – that is a possible 6000 Bonus Coins, not to mention the Badges and Ranks you will collect!!! Enjoy!

Join “Populous” Today!

“Populous” has arrived (hopefully retro game fans will get the pun!). Populous is the name for our community and is designed to make your experience more like playing a computer game. Collect Coins, Badges and gain Ranks while you take part! You are able to create your own Profile, Groups, add Friends, send Messages and everything else you would expect from an online community. Fancy w...[Read More]

Sonic Mania 2017 Official Video

I am pleased to share the Sonic Mania 2017 official Release Trailer Courtesy of SEGA Europe: Truly a modern take on classic design, you could imagine yourself using a SEGA Mega Drive control pad with this!



Super Mario Kart Review

Released in the UK on the 21st January 1993, Super Mario Kart was about to set a new standard in the fun family racing game genre. Developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo, this in-house exclusive title was to be one of the flagship games to sway consumers towards Nintendo during the console wars between themselves, Sega and others. In later years, games such as Crash Team Racing, and L...[Read More]

Reviews are on the way…

Hello and Welcome! This is the Game Hub Area. You will soon find game reviews, videos, screenshots, cheats and more. Once a game has been reviewed by TCG, Users will also be able to review and rate the game for themselves. If there is a game you would really like to review please Register and send a Private Message to @andy. The site will be so much more with your input so please join us today! Pl...[Read More]

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